Hi all!

Since we arrived in Valpairaizo, everything has gone so fast for us that we hardly had time to think. First we ve met a group of people with whom we started working pretty much straight away – for a contract. We now are forming a new company still under the name of the Sprockets which include 6 people.

We are all living in the bus as a big family and are training 5 to 7 hours a day. We are hoping to have a show ready in a months time and head back on the road. Some of the group have already travelled previously with an other group throught Peru, Equador, Bolivia and Columbia and they have lots of contacts for contracts in these places. Our way of survival at the moment is

teaching tissue and acrobalance and getting a few gigs for one or the other of the performers. All the money the group is making is going into the contribution box for food and other basics.

As a group we already have our first contract for a rave party on the 17th of May. The 4 new member of the group are all 10 years younger than us, have a lot of energy and lots of talent and make us work hard. We are thinking of putting Theo in an English school for the month to come. Scott has a few problems with the langage and goes up and down. But he is happy all the same for all the training we are doing and me – I am so so happy, I love it here.

Lots of love to all.

Pour les Francais Je suis sure qu entre Virginie, Olivier et Francoise vous arriverai bien a traduire et sil vous plait faite passer les nouvelles a papa et a maman. Je vous fait pleins de grosses bises et appelerai papa et maman dans la semaine.

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