We are now in Costa Rica since yesterday. Did our first show in a place called playa del coco but didnt see any coconut yet, just a lot of gringo. we dont like it much and will head off this morning to try to find another place to busk tonight.

In Nicaragua we met a Canadian guy, actually he ran after the bus as we were passing next to his town, heading toward Costa Rica, and told us he wanted a show the same week end. We didnt have much money so he said he would feed us and pay for ours beers intake all week. So we stayed very nice little place with a beautiful little swimming pool. He organised for us a show in the town paid by the mayor plus a show in his place. they were really nice people and we stayed a bit more than a week.

There we were able to fix the bus as the cab was fulling down.This encounter was very lucky for us as we left the place with more than we arrived and still ended up spending all the money we had made in Nicaragua at the border crossing and arrived here with just a bag of rice in the bus, luckily on our way we founded a mango tree and had that for breakfast and rice at lunch time.

We didn’t do too bad in the hat so we were able to dine on pasta and wine last night. Everything is going well and we are all happy.

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