We are now in a little town called Tulum (or rather near it) on the beach in the Caraibes. It is very beatifull around here. Along the way we ve met up with a Canadian familly that travel in their school bus every winter with their 5 kids and a French couple in their tent with their 3 kids and a Danish familly with their 3 kids who travel in their Mercedes van. We are all parked together and eat our meal together like a small comunity and it s very nice, especially for Scott and me who havent met anyone travelling in buses for ages.

Tomorrow we will do the street here in the center of Tulum as the casa de la cultura is organising a small street festival, it will be with the hat so we dont expect much financially but I feel it is important that the local people get a chance to see our show if they want to rather than just the tourist.

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