Whiles we were in Playa del Carmen,, we finally decided that it was time to go and visit Cuba. We had been talking about Cuba since about two years, so what a better time than now being so close by.
So on the 15th of January we hoped on a plane with our new Mexican tricycle and our small show, ready for a trip in Cuba(or mor to the point, la Havanna, as we didn’t have enough cash to visit further afield). Althought we managed to do 5 performances in 10 days( 2 streets shows, 2 free shows and 1 paid gig), we wont really impressed with the situation there.
We met much more unhappy cubans than happy one and I was left with the impression that all wanted to escape their country in surch for freedom. The best thing that happened to us there was meeting “la Giganteria”, a group of street artists.
Anyway we survived the 10 days and were really happy to be back on Mexican ground, but it is the only country we visited so far that left me with a feeling of sadness, and it took me longer than 3 days to get over it.
Now, beginning of March, we are on our way up on the Pacific coast. 3 weeks ago, I hurt my back after a successfull weekend in Puerto Escondido, performing in Zicatela in front of bar “la Flayita”. I would love to invent a very glamerous story about how I hurt myself, but I am afraid the truth was only the rope holding my hammac (where I was happilly reading and drinking my beer) that let me down ( on a concret floor).
In the last 3 weeks we have been beach hoping as I couldnt do much. Scott had been the only driver on board and tried to reach an average of 150km a day.
Tonight will then be our first show since then. We are now in a little village North of Manzanillo called la Manzanilla. We have been there for the last week, practising slowly, and getting back in shape.

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