Finally, I put a bit of extra-time on the machine as everybody is saying to me “you have to update your blog.”

After spending two years in France, we decided to go back on the road, not another world tour, just free floating around Europe.

Spend the summer 2011, mainly in Italy where we’ve met a lot of lovely people.

We spent the first few month of the winter in Torino with “Just for Joy”

On the first of March 2012, we celebrated the 50 years old birthday of our dear bus. We did it in Empoly under the “compania distrata” big top

We then spent a bit of time in Orvietto with or friends Stefania and Salvadore. If ever you are looking for a nice country house to rent in Italy

We are now back in Turin for the all month of June, mainly with “just for joy” (check the site for dates) but also and

Ok, will try to blog sooner next time 😉


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