Here we are, back at Wood's house, our friend, in
Huntsville, Texas.But this time around, with the bus
and in much better spirits.
For all those people we've met along the way, that
told us that it would be very difficult to bring the
bus into the States,I am so happy to let them know:
They were wrong.
Back in time, We really enjoyed our stops along the
Pacific coast of Mexico, where we met lots of nice
people and did some rewarding shows, untill we came
into Semana Santa (Easter holliday). The coast, then,
filled up with hollidayers, so much, that you couldn't
see the sand on the beach. Althought it was fun to be
around, the shows became very tiring as the atmosphere
was rowdy.
We did met up with a very nice familly in Ricon de los
Guayabitos , Cynthia, Emilie, Ana, Valerie and Martin.
It is in their huge garden by the beach that we spent
10 days emptying, cleaning and repainting the bus.
That last bit, " the repainting" was once again
"Thanks" to Resene from New Zealand that sent us by
DHL to Puerto Vallarta over 30 litres of their
amaizing paint(Whiles we were in New Zealand, 5 years
back,they already gave us as much to repaint the bus).
With the bus looking at his best, and after saying
goodby to our friends that so nicely looked after us,
we drove to Zacatecas.
We stayed 3 days at " Servicio Internacional" garage
with our heroes mechanics, Francisco and Martin, where
whiles they worked on differents bits of the engine,
we kept fixing belly boxes, windows and painted a few
more stars. We also, finally, put an oppening window
on the upstairs bedroom, one we took from an old
school bus and did a wooden frame to fit it in.
In Saltillo we met Juan, an electrician, who helped us
fixing indicators lights, Brake lights, whippers
ect… After 2 days we went back on the road and a
straight drive to Laredo.
The customs at the border were very friendly and in we
The drive to Wood's house was not only a beautifull
one but a very pleasurable one, with smoth
asphalte(very different from Mexico), which was
equally nice for driver and passengers alike. We did
get stop by the police on the first night and very
politely were asked to pull over untill the morning,
as we were driving too slow with too little light on
our tailgate.
Our next plans from here are the Spoleto festival in
Charleston from the 22nd of May to the 10th of June
and Kingston Festival in Ontario, Canada from the 12th
to the 15th of July.

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