Could not blog much as we had to pass the border again, so here it is, back in time.
Whiles we were at Dave and Lindsay’s house, enjoying flying on the trapeze everyday, we realised that our 3 month visa was not extendable.
We then had to say good by to our friends and head to Mexico. Although we were sad to leave so enexpectedly, we were happy to be back in Mexico, wich we considered a civilised country in comparison to the USA.
It is illegal to go out to a neighborhood country and enter the States again, but after crossing the big sierra of Mexico from Hermosillo to Chihuahua (doing shows along the way), we heard of a big festival taking place in Austin, Texas. So we took our chances and crossed back into the States at the Ojinaba border.
With our new 3 month visa, we stoped to visit friends in Terlingua, Big Bend park,TX. The place is in the middle of the desert and looks void of people, so we were surprised to stumble in the Starlight theatre in the Ghosttown, wich was filled with people but also had a big and beautifull stage. We talked to Chad and Summer, the owners, and it was decided that we would perform our show Friday (the very next day), Saturday and Sunday. Not only did they looked after us very well, but also promised that the two next weeks ( Spring’s break) would be full of tourists (different crowd all the time) so we stayed for another 15 days (forgot all about the Austin festival). We were fed amaizing food, given wine, beer and even Champagne every nights. The locals of Terlingua took us for hikes in the desert. Mike from Desert Sport  and the Bloomfield bicycle crew organised a canoe trip in the canyon for us. We had a wonderfull time and started saving for the shipment of the bus back to Europe. The day we left, lots of Telingua people were waiting for us along the road, out of town, and as we drove past , they all took their pants off and showed us their bottom, how can we ever forget them now?
On the Saturday after our departure, we performed in Easther’s Follies in Austin and on the Sunday in the Central market.
Now we are back at our friend’s house, Woods, in Huntsville where we will do our show this Saturday in his back garden.

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