Booking Information

We would LOVE to do a show for you, your town or your festival!

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                                                             TECHNICAL INFORMATION


  • With the bus back stage: 10m x 10m.
  • Without the bus: Width: 10m, Depth: 10m.  
  • Height in all cases: 7m50 minimum.



Time: 1 hour. (40 min set up and 20 min for the artist preparation)

For night performances, we need a bright lighting (2KW). Important: The floodlights must be placed in the front corners of the stage in order not to blind the artists.

                Aerial: For indoor show we will need a strong point of attach at a minimum of 7m high.

                            For outdoor show, the aerial rig needs to be anchored by 4 stakes or secure anchorage at each corner of the stage space. With the bus we will only need 2 front anchorages. (On grass we use our stakes, on hard floor we often find different type of anchorage i.e.: town pillars, trees…, if not we kindly ask the festival organisers to provide 4 concrete weights of 200kg each)