After Charleston, we made our way to the Leaf festival in North Carolina, where we were able to perform our show on the hat.

That same week end we were aired on NPR (National Public Radio) and this is how we got in touch with Jeff who organized a show for us in the montessory school of Pantops in Charlottesville for the next Sunday.

We decided to drive there straight away on the Monday after the festival as we didn’t know how long it would take us. The plan was to meet Jeff, see the performance space and find a campground nearby where we could start organizing the bus for the shipping.

In my wildest dream, maybe Jeff would know of an empty garage where we could park and empty the bus. Little did I know then that my dream would be met and much more.

We arrived on Wednesday and met Jeff , not only did he have a big empty house for us to use BUT it was right next to the Montessori school who kindly took Theo in during our stay. AND on Saturday morning, we got 2 extra show, 30 miles away in Stanton, organized by Julian who had seen our show in Honduras. Because we couldn’t take the bus there (big hill), Julian picked us up AND when when we got back, Jeff (who also happened to be a wood worker) had already built some necessary cabinets inside the bus.

It took us 5 days from 6am until drop dead to get the bus ready.

On Wednesday with a really empty looking bus and all our stuff to take with us packed up in boxes and bags, we left for Baltimore. We arrived on Thursday, took a hotel room to empty the bus and did a last tiding up and painting job on the bus.

On Friday we drove the bus to the port where it is now sitting waiting to be drove onto a ship which will depart on the 3rd of June and arrive in England on the 20th.

Had a last frantic moment on Friday morning, back at the hotel, when we couldn’t find two passport (Scott’s and mine). Drove back to the port, search the bus, all the offices we had been through that morning and finally got them back at the custom office.

At 2.30 pm that afternoon, we finally were on the way to David and Regine house in Maine ,in a rental car full to the rime. After an all night drive we arrived at 6.30 am and jumped into bed but couldn’t stay there too long as we had to drop the car back at noon at the rental place in Portland.

Sunday now, we are feeling more rested after lots of sleeping, happy to be here and full of hope that the bus will be drove onto the ferry. We will be flying back to England on the 4th of June after making sure that everything went smoothly.

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