Hi everyone and sorry for once again being so slow at blogging.

For those who haven’t followed us on Face Book, we are now in South Italy and quite frankly hope to remain here for quite a while, tired of travelling you might say. Anyway, really enjoying life down here, people so far have been really supportive in our project which is to maybe open a circus school here in the future. Scott’s dream would be to bring a flying trapeze rig down here with a few teachers and keep catching, if we do, it will be the first flying rig in Italy open to the public (ie: there are two flying rig but there are part of club Med). So wish us luck

The best thing down here, apart from the nice people, the great wine, the good cheese ect, it’s that the sun is so often keeping us company, come and visit.

Oh Yeah and by the way, Scott’s first book Stanley sprocket’s 101 way to sneak into Glastonbury festival is now available as an eBook for the modest price of £1.99  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Great-sneak-Glastonbury-Festival-ebook/dp/B00AM1DWBQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358946361&sr=8-1

His second book which talk about his five day cycling trip from South of France to England should be out soon. And we are still working hard on “carnet de Passage” which is the book about our 12 years travel ( I would like to have this one publish in hard paper rather than as an EBook, not being myself an E-reader) anyway cheers.


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