Scott, poor Scott, spent his first night ever in a gell and even had to be handcuft on his way there even so he was perfectly willing to follow. The reason was that after driving a whole day, he had a few brandy with friend in his home and was arested on his way back to the bus on his bicycle. That was our welcoming to Bancroft, I do have to press on the point that he wasn’t rowdy or insulting to anyone, his only mistake was the little bit of weaving he was doing on his bicycle, so when the police are arresting totaly honest people, it does make you wonder where the world is going…
Still after that everything went well in Bancroft and the two show we did in the Millenium park were very well received by the audience.
After that we spent a nice few days on our friends land, Dave and Mary (Avalon Motors, Belleville) before going and pick up Sally (Scott’s sister) and her childrens, Flora and Ed, at the Toronto airport.
We are now enjoying their visit in the Southern Georgian Bay.

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