Whiles we were in Bangladesh and Scott was very sick with Malaria, we met the Whittlesey family who took us in their house and pampered us for 4 month as Scott was recovering and we were going through all the stress of shipping the bus. They became like a second family. They now live in Maine and this is where we are, and after 7 years, it is still like being back within your family, and we are still being pampered.
Back in time, the festival in Charleston went well and after that Ron Hallam from “General Diesel” was true to his word. He offered us a great space to work on the bus and the use of his tools. Joe, a mechanic there, was with us when we needed advice, and within 10 days, the bus was fixed again.
We had met so many people in Charleston that it really felt like leaving friends when we finally went back on the road.
On the way to Maine, we went through Charlotte and stayed 3 days with Vic Rabb, probably one of the only person that sells parts for British double Decker bus in USA, and he helped us getting a few bits www.usbusco.com
In Pennsylvania, we stopped one night at Mark’s house who is rebuilding a Gardner engine and has a very useful website on British bus www.britishbusclub.org
We then drove nonstop as David and Regine had organized us a show for the 4th of July. We arrived on the 3rd in the evening, totally exhausted but so happy to be here.  

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