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“The Sprockets live show is 45 minutes of fast-action comedy and heart-stopping aerial performance. Their tightly-orchestrated show includes unicycle, juggling, Diablo, adagio, magic, and culminates in a high balancing act in which they perform an aerial number, suspended on tissue over twenty feet from the ground.

“A Sprockets performance is an entirely self-contained show that can be set up at the site of any event. Having literally traveled around the world with their show, the Sprockets have become adept at handling any kind of audience, and their split-second humor translates to ages both young and old. With their bright costumes and wild antics, the Sprockets have now performed in 48 different countries in front of tens of thousands of people.

“But the most thrilling thing about a Sprockets show is the realization that beneath the dazzle of their showmanship are two accomplished acrobats whose physical skills allow them to perform death-defying feats while still making the audience laugh. When the Sprockets perform at your event, you know you’ll be seeing something truly unique.” Fletcher Crossman, Artiste, Charleston, USA.

“Beyond the romance of their story is the performance itself, a mixture of physical humor, sight gags, unicycle stunts, juggling, two persons acrobatics, and an impressive aerial finale. Weekends audiences responded with enthusiasm.”The Post and Courier. SC. USA.

“About 10000 peoples made their way around the Mapua Easter Fair. Circus comedy act the Sprockets was a huge hit, performing their show.” Mapua Chronicle, New Zealand.

“With colorful sparkly costumes, extreme agility and loads of energy the Sprockets are a bundle of fun” The Telegraph, Calcutta, India.

“Exitosa presentacion el pasado Jueves de la obra a cargo de la compania Sprockets, circo itinirante, que ademas de combinar el humor y el asombro, tambien logra de sublime ternura” El Sol de Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico

“I can wholeheartedly recommend both these unique characters to you. Everyone soon recognized their true artistic talent. They are genuine, trustworthy, reliable and extremely flexible and accommodating. They are true performers and we are very proud to have met them as much has been gained by the children and the staff from making their acquaintance.” Sandj Wilderpin, Principal, The British School, Kathmandu, Nepal.

“Por una hora me transporte a un mundo maravilloso, donde el estres y las tensiones del diario vivir se convirtierion en un agentes foreanos de ese planeta magico. En la tarde de ayer pudimos del circo Sprockets cuyo integrantes le estan dando la vuelta al mundo, con sus espectaculares malabarismos y sobre todo su gran capacidad de sacarle a su publico todo el estres de sus mentes y de sus cuerpo” The City paper, Panama