In the last two weeks, we just drove, drove. The highlight of our trip was meeting Al, which we met through a spectator of our show in Toronto that gave us his address as a place to stop. Well, he ended up being much more than that. His house was voted the best house ever by the Sprockets, Theo didn’t want to leave. Al is one of a kind, in a good way. Any positive adjective that you can think of, he probably deserve them. It is only unfortunate that there are no more people like him on earth. Because we left with his DVD, his CDs and his book, he ended being with us much of the trip, not only did we have so much fun watching his movie but we had his CDs playing every night and Theo knows nearly all of his songs by heart. I can only wholeheartedly recommend to anyone reading this to purchase them, and if you do buy the DVD, leave it on pause for a while on the disk menu and watch.
We are now finally in BC. It has been so cold at night that we’ve had to put the oven on in the evening. Because Jo has left, I am now doing home schooling with Theo which mean that I pretty much became a week-end driver.

Boardwalk for $500? In 2007? Ha!
Play Monopoly Here and Now (it’s updated for today’s economy) at Yahoo! Games.

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