After leaving the big town of Mexico ciudad, it was a pleasure bumbling on the road and doing street show in small plazas. As usual the response of the audience was very good.
Then started the Festival season. Our first one was the Cervantino where we were really well looked after by two little cafes, “Las Leyendas” and “El Midi” on la plazuela San Fernando, They have made the festival a very agreeable place to be.
It is on the way to the Street Festival of Zacatecas that our nightmare started by a metal banging sound in our engine. We drove very slowly the last 150 km to Zacatecas and made it in time to start our shows. Then when our contract was accomplished we brought the bus to the garage “Servicio International” in la Col. Buenos Aires where Francisco and Martin took the matter in hand.
We then booked a cheap hotel (During the festival, they had booked us in a 5 stars hotel )and after 3 days, realized that we wont have our bus back in time to go to the next Festival, Monterrey. It was to start on the 8th of November and it was by then the 25th of October. Before arriving in Monterrey, 460km from Zacatecas, we had to go to Texas(a further 220km) to renew our Mexican visas (that were about to run out) and work out how we would take the rig and the rest of the show equipment to Monterrey.
We arrived in Texas on the 27th and spent a week in our friend Wood’s house between San Antonio and Houston. We were most of the time on the phone and Internet trying to work out how we would fix our engine.
On the 6th, early in the morning, Wood drove us the 10 hours to the border .Spent the night on the Mexican side and the next morning, after saying good by to our friend Wood, we left for Monterrey where we had a room in another five stars hotel booked for us by the festival. Left Jo and Theo there and at midnight Scott and me were on a bus to Zacatecas where we arrived at 7am. Went to the garage, pick up the rig and the rest of our equipment and back in a bus at 2pm to arrive at 8pm in Monterrey.
Our life at that point had the funny side of changing from 5 stars hotels to really cheap one and struggling on the bus with our 200kg of equipment.
On the 13th, at 8pm after a very long journey on a cheap bus that agreed to take our equipment on board, we were back in Zacatecas, stuck at the bus station with those very same 200kg. No transport, no place to go…
We finally decided to leave the rig in the luggage storage and took two taxis with the rest of the stuff to the very same cheap but friendly Zamora hotel .
The next day Francisco helped us get the rig back from the station and we were back in square one: same cheap hotel, bus broken down, but at least  the visa run was done and Monterrey was done (hey that two worry less).
We finally ask Francisco if whiles waiting, we could live in our bus and that was accepted.
On Thursday 16th of Novembre, we were back in our home, giving endless phone call to Paul Gardner and Roger Harrison, all really helpful.
On Saturday 18th, Francisco found a place that could refill the two bad bearings with the same bland metal and had them regrounded to mesure.That night they worked untill 11pm and when we finally turn the engine on, no banging . I do no think that even Francisco or Martin could understand or see how much we loved them at this point and how happy we were.
We are now on the 24th of Nov taking part in the mexican Juggling convention in Puebla and living in our bus. So far we drove 800km, went up a hill of 3000m and slept at minus 2 with our recently fixed engine and still no banging so we are again a really happy familly

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