We left Wood’s house on the 13th of May and our friend Fletcher Crossman (www.fletchercrossman.com)  had the opening of his Art exhibition at 6:00pm on the 18th in Charleston (about 1200 miles away),  we really wanted to be there for that ,which at the speed of the bus, didn’t leave us much time.
Although we were mostly driving, crossing Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, we had fun being on the small back roads (the minimum speed on the interstate is 45 miles an hour).
Unfortunately in Mississippi, we started hearing the dreaded banging sound again and we knew that at least one of the bearing had gone again. Because of the time factor we decided to keep going, babying the engine all the way and feeding it with oil addictive.
Then just as we were about to cross the border into Alabama, an other louder banging sound came and the bus started checking at each turn of the wheel, so we stopped in Heidelberg and were very lucky to meet Nelson from ” Heidelberg Service Centre” that helped us for 4 to 5 hours. The nuts of one the back wheels had been loose and 3 of them had snapped so we had to take off the drum and swap them around. Nelson didn’t want any payment at the end and only said ” remember, good people always meet again” (well! We hope to meet him again)
We had one very bad experience in Cordele, GA, in a Pilot Travel Centre, where the cashier, Deborah, insisted that we stole the $20 Diesel that we had prepaid. She called the Police and for some unknown reason was lying to him and told him that we had been hanging around the pump for 30min before entering the shop. We were shocked especially as we had only stopped there because it seems very cheap so we decided to fill the tank that was already nearly full. The manager finally came out and ask to the policeman to drop the affair and let us go. Scott was angry at Deborah for days after that and made a song about her.
We just made it in time for Fletch opening, and as we pulled the bus over to park, the tire burst, but it didn’t matter anymore, we had arrived and could go and enjoy our friend’s night and deal with the tire the next day.
 A few days later as we were doing a show at the Buist Academy, we invited the organizers of the Picollo Spoletto for them to see what we had to offer. They really liked the show and also, it was very late, they worked hard to make it possible.
So , there we are, in Marion Square, performing our show 5 days a week until the 10th of June, and meeting lots of really nice people.
The Post and Courier has done a  article on us where they talked about our engine being sick and one morning I found a card on the bus from ” General Diesel” and on the back of it, the president Ron Hallam, had wrote that he could help us to fix our engine. I called him and he seems very nice, so on Monday after the Festival we will drive the bus to his garage and see if we can fix it in time to make the next festival which is in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

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