What a positive day, today was, even so it wasn’t a circus one but a mechanical resolve. We went to see the peoples of Grey Line in Victoria. Their attitude was reinvigorating.
In one afternoon we fixed so many little problems with the bus that had been bothering us for ages and now we feel that we are ready for another long drive, or at least the bus is. The way I picture it, it is like an old lady (the bus) who is coughing and have a hip problem and maybe an ache in the ankle and she is crying for attention and today the really goods doctors of Grey Line finally, fixed her up.
 Anyway, backing up a bit, after Al.
It is only when we reach BC that we started to perform again. First in Kamloop, then in Penticton , where we met with friends from Mexico, Michel and Loraine Castro. We then went to Powell River to meet up with the Morgansten family, with who we had traveled together for a bit in Mexico. We stayed with them over two weeks. Stephan helped us fix the wood burner pipe, so we are now warm and cozy. They also helped us organize a few show in the area. We ate lots of yummy oysters with them. We felt sad and disoriented when we left for Victoria, which is where we are now.

Monday we will go to Vancouver and back to the States, on the West coast this time

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