I am afraid that in order to stay diplomatic I will not say much about our travel in California. When we left Vancouver, we had a very nice weekend with some friends who rented a house in Whidbey in Washington State.

In Oregon, Portland, we were very lucky to meet Greg and Teresa, who organized a show for us, and with whom we stayed a week.

Had a nice Christmas in a campground (after being refused entrance in another campground for living in a converted camper and not a proper one, that’s California for you).

 In Sausalito met a really nice couple and spent New-year eve with them, we also managed to pull off a few busking shows.

 Finally when we arrived in LA, Theo’s dream came true and we had a wonderful day in Disneyland.

We are now with TapezeHight School north of San Diego and it’s the best thing that happened to us in a while. We are back training and being taught Flying Trapeze. It feels like a safe heaven far from Californian rules and regulation, it is a wonder how a state run by a supposedly artist (actor, however a bad one) can be so hard for artists.

By the way, and really sadly, we are now criminals (even thought I really don’t feel like one) as sleeping in your vehicle in the street of California is considered an act worth of being put in prison.


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