Thank You

The Sprockets say... Thank You! Thank to these tremendous people and organizations for their generosity in time, money and spirit!

  • Pierre Maurice Nouvelle and Christine Dallere: for helping in directing the show that started our journey.
  • La Ribouldingue: donation of juggling equipment.
  • One Less Car: donation of two great bicycles and support in hard times.
  • Audery and Geoffery Harrison: believing in us and their unconditional support.
  • Regine and David Wittlesley: for their unwavering hospitality in Bangladesh.
  • Roger Harrison and Charley Dancy: for filming and editing our video despite difficult conditions.
  • Festival of Darwin: for looking after us so well!
  • The Fuelers: for high energy and spirits and wordy knowledge.
  • Heidi Jermyn: for wondrous computer skills that bring you this website (and the yellow submarine!).
  • Resene Paint, New Zealand. Thank you so much for the paint that you sent all the way to us in Mexico – our bus now looks wonderful for it’s trip across the Mexico USA border.