About The Sprockets

Meet the Sprockets!

Scott Harrison of The Sprockets

Scott Harrison

Born in Bath, England in 1965.

His parents pride and joy, at 16 he started a business selling icecream from his bicycle. ‘Scott’s Icecream’ in Bath is still in operation to this date.

At 25 he opened an amazingly successful juggling shop. In 1992 he formed Captain Bob’s Circus with a gaggle of likely accomplices. In 1997 Scott dropped the business side of juggling altogether in order to become a fulltime freaky circus artist.

The blast furnace of Scott’s brain produces a continual eruption of ideas and The Sprockets World Tour is just one of them…

Characteristics: diplomas of diablo, unicycle maintenance; diagnosed with excessive generosity disorder; fashion sense – nil.

Izzy Feraud of The Sprockets

Issabelle Feraud (Izzy)

Born in Toulouse, France, in 1968.

Brought up in Morocco and Algeria.

Feared and revered for her determination, Izzy managed a very successful South London restaurant. She worked seven days a week and saved all her money. In 1991 she blew it all on a year at circus school. Izzy met Scott at the now legendary Captain Bob’s Circus and would emerge as the can-do-queen of the circus world.

Her will was the force that would at last forge Scott’s fevered ideas into reality, from The Sprockets World Tour to their greatest joint production yet – 5 year old Theo.

Characteristics: sickening over-achiever; accredited acro-theatrics practitioner; picks her nose.


Theo (pronounced Tay-oh)

Born in Toulouse, France, in 1996.

Theo was conceived in an old Bedford truck on the way to a performance in Tiblissi, Georgia (former USSR). He was supposed to be named Theobald but Scott couldn’t remember how to spell it.

The bus has been his rolling home since he was born, the world has been his playground since he could crawl. He visited 17 countries in his first 5 years and made friends in every one.

Characteristic: loves Kinder Surprise almost as much as Mum and Dad but astonishingly for such a young ‘un will always share his chocolate treasure with a new friend.