Quebec,the town, was amaizing and it is really only the cold that made us decide to head toward British Colombia.
We were able to park on the Marina, thanks to Patto and Julie, who also have been travelling for the past ten years doing shows, and the last few of them, in a sailing boat.
All the artist there made us feel really welcome and the circus school opened their door to us.They, also, were very warm people. It felt like such a luxury to be able to train all week in this beautifull space , and to be taught Flying trapeze by Pierre and Guy. We didn’t want to leave anymore but The dreadfull cold…
After Quebec, meeting with Marie Claude Bouillon from la Luna Caballera, and working with her for the village fiesta of Notre Dame du Rosaire, was a very enriching  and pleasing experience.
We are now on the way to Montreal

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