we are now back in Quebec as the first time around, we only crossed it to be in time for Kingston.
After the stress of the big city of Toronto, we needed some fresh air and some nice people to surround us so we could reenergised.
What best then to go and stay with Mary and Dave from Avalon motor and even better when our friend Mamsel (which we met in Mexico) and her friend Simon decided to visit us on that same night. They ended up staying 6 days and we had a lovely time.
Leaving on Saturday afternoon made it hard to organise a show for the week end, but late on Sunday we found a campground and were able to do our show that same night.
It was a lazy drive to Sherbrooke with lots of stops for swims, golf and lunches.
We are now meeting other artists and trying to decide our futur step. Will we brave a winter here or head West or even better South??

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